Sunday, January 17, 2010

And so it begins...

For those of you who have followed me, you know that I have been blogging about my remodeling my bedroom for the past few years. From looking at bedroom furniture to the two spots on the ceilings that tormented me, the first spot for the past eight years and the other spot most recently.  Well, we stimulated the economy during the month of December by purchasing the bedroom furniture, the flooring and the sink cabinet.  I think I have also made a decision on the bathroom tile and may have also narrowed down the paint color.

This weekend's task is to remove the sliding doors that lead to the patio and install the new French Doors, which have been sitting in the garage since the window delivery last summer.  As with everything we have done with the house, I love to document the process through photos, so let's beginning with the Before Photos:

This photo was taken the day we closed on the house back in June 1998, the owner was kind enough to leave us their nasty rugs and draperies and hot tub that took me nearly eight years to get rid of....

I have hidden the doors behind some vertical blinds I had purchased in the early 90s.

DH getting to work....

Tearing out the frame from the outside

Doors Are In!

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