Sunday, January 30, 2011

Favourite Things by Cre8

A pleasant surprise yesterday.

A a convo from a fellow Etsy member, Carla Dyck.  She has included my Messenger Bag Distressed - Red Twill as one of her Favourite Things.

When you get a chance, please by stop by her Blog, Cre8 and visit her Shop which contains lovely Fine Art Photography.

Thanks again Carla!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Dirty Feet
I wish...

As I am slowly recovering from what I thought was just a cold and then bloomed into the flu, it will be a busy Sunday.  Today I will try to complete one pleated handbag, two messenger bags and one iPad case.  Ha, Ha, Ha...what are the odds it will all be done today. 

While it may not be a lazy Sunday for me, it is apparently a lazy day for the puppy that never leaves my side. 

I think she's getting a little chunky.  Hmmm....what is it they say, if your dog is overweight, you are not getting enough exercise?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Studio

So the new Studio is just about done, and I thought I would share a few photos...

 There are many more pictures of my new sunny Studio, which you can browse through here

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not just One Treasury, but Two

January really has been a great month, first several folks have purchased items from my shop, and now two of my items have made it into two Treasuries.

Larger Messenger Bag - Purple Hemp

The first Treasury, Violets For Your Valentine includes my Purple Hemp Messenger Bag

The second Treasury, Orange Crush - Simply Delectable Orange Gifts for your Sweetheart! includes my Tapestry Clutch in Oranges & Beige. 
Tapestry Clutch in Oranges and Beige


Messenger Bag - Red Twill
Wow, so far 2011 is turning out to be great. 

Had my first sale on January 1st which has been followed by several other sales. 

So thanks to my buyers....

Hemp Market Bag

Pleated Handbag

Large Messenger Bag - Brown Canvas

Large Messenger Bag - Hemp/Cotton

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Plans for 2011

So have you decide what your plans are for 2011 yet?

Continue with Eating habit change
   o 10lbs more to Go
401k Consolidations
Kick the Bucket List
Paint outside of house

Plans for HMMills

Create 2011 Operating Plan
  Initiative:  Production Goals
 Production Routine
      o   Move from a Made-upon-Order Production Mode
                    o Goals is to have 25% of all sales within the premade category.

   Initiative:  New Product Goals
       o Experimentation with Leather

   Initiative:  Sales Events
   Initiative:  Marketing Plans
 o   Master SEO
 o   Master of Social Media 
o   What will I do differently w/ Facebook and Twitter
   Initiative:  Expand to other sites outside of Etsy
   Initiative: Time Management
Business Reading

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 Revisited

So before I look forward into the year 2011,  I will take a quick look back at 2010:

I had a few goals for myself in 2010, both personal and business. 

200 Hearts
I think I went to the wire with this goal, I believe I achieved 200 heart on the last day of December.

100 Items in the Shop
Ha, ha, ha, I had broken this goal down into two mini goals, 50 items by June and then 100 by the holiday shopping rush (October) thinking it would be more attainable.  I think at one point I got up to 40 items around August and then the number hovered in the30s for the remainder of the year.  As of today I think I am at 33 or 32 items.

Expand Product Line 
This was accomplished, but not as much as I wanted…I did a redesign of the Messenger Bag – making it larger and added a split pocket on the front under the flap.  I also made a mini messenger bag and added iPad covers to the shop as well.

100 Sales
I didn’t reach that goal on Etsy, but yes at the street fair in NYC that my sister and I participated over the summer.  As for Etsy, I double my sales which sounds great until it realize the number went from 13 to 26. 

Maintain Studio Organization
Last year between Christmas & New Years I cleaned out my office and organized myself.  Aside from organization, I also wanted to paint the room as well.  I was able to maintain some organization throughout the year, unfortunately, my studio is very small and the bolts of fabric were hard to maneuver so I ending up using the island in my kitchen.  Thankfully, DH was okay with my sewing stuff all over the kitchen during the holiday shopping season as I was trying to get orders out.   In the end the room was painted as I decided to switch rooms and made my studio into the guest bedroom a few days ago.

Bedroom Remodeling 
Yes, Yes, Yes.  Still need to hang some art over the bed and have DH hang the towel rack in the bathroom, but I am very happy with my new bedroom.

New Job
Stay with the same company, but received a promotion taking me from the field to a Corporate position….the cubicle life for me….

Weight loss – 10 - 20lbs
Yes, lost 15lbs, but  probably gain 5lbs back during the holidays.  Now that the holidays are over, I am getting back into the routine as the ultimate goal is to get back down to 127 – 130lbs…so close I see a size 6 in my future.

Get it under control.  Yes and no, I have learned a few things in the 12+ years that we have been in the house, and that is green plants that don’t require much water as well as perennials over annuals.  While some of my plants didn’t make it this year, I have been keeping the weeds under control by mulching, mulching and mulching. One day, DH will stop calling me Helen Brown thumb.
Now onto 2011.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Studio

Last Tuesday when I brought home my new Juki and DH and I kept trying to find room for him in my Studio, DH said, why don't you switch rooms, take over the guest room since it's larger.

So Tuesday night I kept thinking about it and I think I also had dreams about it. I awoke Wednesday morning around 4:00am and I knew I had made the decision to do it!

 I had a four day weekend off, so I have turned my entire house upside down by moving my studio out and into the living room, dining room and kitchen.  Before moving the guest room furniture into my old space, I decided to painted the walls, (I'll post photos), one project breeds another one...

I am now in the midst of moving everything that is all over the house into my new space and reorganizing the new studio.  Although it's not done, I was admiring the morning sun shining through my TWO windows...and thought I would snap a photo...