Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vision Board - Part 2

I was rummaging around my tool bench the other day looking for the tools to make a pair of brass earrings I had just sold on Etsy. As my studio is so small, I have a small table inside my closet area where I keep my hammers, buffing tools etc and to work on the messy part of jewelry creations.  To hide this ugly area (as I have no closet doors), earlier this year DH hung some pretty fabric IKEA screen panels that slide back and forth.  However because my studio is so small and I have almost no wall space and last year when I created a Vision Board, I had to hang it over my ugly tool bench.  It's not as if I haven't looked at it, but I guess I violated some of the Vision Board rules by hiding it from my view when the panels were hung.

So anyway, I was looking at it and thinking I have not added anything to the white spaces I had left open, still in a career that sucks my life force from me, no weight loss and killer body, no shed, no puppies and haven't made a splash with my handbags or jewelry, bedroom not even started...but I had  to smile.  A photo from my wedding with my DH...still living happily ever after and there in the middle was a photo from a magazine  of friends gathered around a table.  After my "best friend" stopped being my friend last year and several of our "couples" friends divorced, there were no more dinner parties or nights out with a group of friends.  At the time when I had  created my board, I really missed having a group of friends...

So, as I stared at my vision board,  I kept smiling as I thought about the past week, because the Core 7 (as we have been named), have gone out to dinner, have watched away games together and had another one of our little dinner parities. (Yes I know, there's only six, but someone had to take the picture.) I think of all the things I have on my vision board, at least I have so far accomplished the two most important ones...

As for the rest, I guess 2010 looks like a busy year.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Featured in 1000 Markets

I received an email Friday evening from the Staff at 1000 Markets, which was a nice surprise. I almost deleted it my eye caught a few words, your item...featured....

It turns out that one of my charm necklaces, "Even Monkeys Fall from Trees"  was featured on the their Staff Picks Page...there it is on the top left column.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Sale

On the 10th Day of Christmas by true love brought to me, one lovely  Pleated Clutch Wristlet in Orange and Brown

Was $20.00 now $16.00

A great zippered clutch for the Fall season that is great for running errands or anything. This midsized clutch is large enough to carry all your essentials (your wallet, cellphone, lipstick and keys). Made from a warm cotton print, the color palette consists rust, orange, brown,and yellows. Lined with a coordinating brown fabric, the bag is finished with a beige zipper, contains an interior split pocket and wrist strap.

Approximate bag measurements:

Top Width: 9"
Bottom Width: 14"
Overall length: 7 1/4"
Wrist Strap: 16"

Offer expires midnight tonight!

My Bedroom

I have been blogging on and off about my bedroom for some time now. It started back in 2008, with a post about my Vision Board and my vision of my bedroom furniture, and my Hubris which led to my small misfortunes aka 5 year old leaky roof and the first appearance of my friend Spot.  Again in 2009 when I blogged about Mother Nature and her summer rains that drip drip dripped over DH's head, which was the motivation to the weekend of bedroom shopping and most recently on how Spot is Growing.

Yesterday during my lunch hour I met with DH at Home Depot and we ordered the bathroom cabinet for the area in our bedroom that leads to the shower area. We looked at counter tops as well (really wanted  Granite counter top, but that may not be in the stars) and found a possible supplier.  We also went and looked at flooring (for the millionth time) and found one that we liked instantly and placed an order for that as well.

Last week DH spent a few hours on the roof repairing the roofers repairs (they came out twice), so hopefully the leak has finally been repaired. Afterward he scraped Spot down as well as the other Spot by the door.

What's that you say, there are two spots on the ceiling, well, yes, there are two...

This is Spot 1:  He appeared a few years before the roof was actually fixed, so I am guessing about 2000, 2001?  At one point while painting the hallway in white, I painted over part of spot because I couldn't stand the dark beige spot.  The paint is a satin while the ceiling paint is flat, so now spot is semi shiny....

Next on the list, is ordering the furniture and finding tile for bathroom area, as well as the shower door...

Monday, December 7, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Sale

On the 7th Day of Christmas by true love brought to me, one lovely Serpentine and Silver Necklace

Was $35.00 now $30.00

Serpentine gemstones with a fine sterling silver herringbone wire-weave attached to sterling silver square spiral connectors and sterling silver Rollo chain. All sterling silver parts have been antique for an aged look. Necklace measures approximately 16-18" with extender chain and is finished with a sterling silver clasp.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Sale

On the 6th Day of Christmas by true love brought to me, one Navy Pleated Handbag

Was $38.00 now $33.00

A pleated handbag constructed in a navy heavy cotton canvas and lined with Joel Dewberry's cotton print, "Narrow Stripe in Blue" from his Chestnut Hill collection. A color palette of navy, yellow, blues and white, this handbag has two interior pockets (a zippered pocket and an open pocket). The bag was constructed with a 2 3/4" inch gusset, therefore it is big enough to hold your all essentials, such as wallet, I-pod, mobile phone, keys and books Accents include a handmade flower constructed from the same fabric and simple blue button and a nickle rectangle ring on one of the handles. Also included is a magnetic snap closure also in nickle to keep all of your items secure.

Approximate bag measurements:
Height: 12"
Width: 16"
1 1/2" Wide Adjustable Handle: 20"

Remember offer expires at midnight today...