Friday, January 30, 2009


If one is estranged from oneself, then one is estranged from others too. If one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

As I have been thinking about my Resolutions for 2009, one has been weighing heavily on my mind, specifically Relationship/Friendships. I recently joined Facebook, well actually no, I recently become active with my Facebook account and found some old friends that I had lost contact with over the past year because I disappeared. Why did I lose contact? I guess people change, but mainly I grew intolerant of some of the changes in their lives and I do not like change. I have been contemplating reaching out to them and even called one on her birthday earlier this month, but she never returned my call. The other night I was speaking with a new acquaintance from the "Cow Bell Club" (uh oh, let's not digress to the subject of hockey). We were discussing Facebook's Friend Request Component, where someone who "finds you" submits a request to be your friend. She said that a very close old friend who had disappeared from her life had recently reached out to her via Facebook. When I asked if she was interested in rekindling the relationship, she shook her head no and said that it was a little too late. So this morning after a restless night of sleep I made the decision to stop contemplating and not reach out to them...and today I am feeling sad and disappointment with my own actions of the past.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fabric Shopping at Ikea

Yesterday I convince DH to shop with me at Ikea. I have been musing about handbags lately and wanted to check out Ikea's fabric section for some fall/winter colors. Their fabric selection is great for window treatments or furniture so I thought it would be perfect for a few bag patterns I have been itching to try.

Walked away with three designs.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hockey Queen - Spending $$$ on Unnecessary Things

Originally, I was going to title this post "Yea! My Customized Jerseys Have Finally Arrived" but as I started writing it dawned on me that perhaps with current state of the economy this was not the best use of my money. I purchased these last year and mailed them out in early November to be customized, my babies had been "lost and then found" during the past few weeks. However, to make myself feel better, I reminded myself that two of the three jerseys were purchased at a discount, one off of eBay for $15.00 then other was purchased at 50% off for trading in an "old" Panthers jersey (which I had previously purchased on Ebay for about $10.00). Still, I guess you can question the necessity to have them customize...but I did receive a discount since they had been lost and then found. :)

Perhaps it's the Hubris again, oh well...what's a Hockey Queen to do, I can't help but loving them.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Panthers 8, Thrasher 4

Yesterday's afternoon game against the Atlanta Thrashers was surreal.

First it started with a Penalty shot by Frolik who beat Lehtonen to the glove side for a 1-0 lead, which I should add was the Panthers’ first successful penalty shot since Feb. 16 of 2008. After that the remaining time in the three periods resulted in another 7 goals for the Panthers and 4 goals for the Thrashers. Final Score: Panthers 8, Thrashers 4. Our Rep Justin, brought this puck out during our after game tailgate in the parking lot. He said it was one of the 8 scoring pucks...maybe, maybe not, I still think it cool.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Featured on Indie Style File

Whoo hooo!

hmmills was featured on Indie Style File, a site that explores independent fashion designers. Sasha Manuel blogged about my Floating Pebbles Pendant Necklace and had some very nice things to say, so check out her Post.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Resolutions, Resolutions...

It's the 3rd of January, and I have yet to start on my list of 2009 Resolutions. I did go back and find my Resolutions from 2007 & 2008 and discovered the following:

  • In 2007 I created a list of 11 Resolutions

  • Of the 11 Resolutions in 2007 I achieved 2 of them

  • In 2008 I created a list of 8 Resolutions

  • Of the 8 Resolutions in 2008 I achieved 1 1/2 of them, (but I guess 1/2 doesn't count?)

  • In comparing the two lists of resolutions, it appears that the resolutions I didn't complete (attempt/achieve?) in 2007, were duplicated on my list of 2008 resolutions (a total of 7 resolutions).

So how are my resolutions for 2009 shaping up? As I glance at the two previous list, I have a feeling that those 7 resolutions in one form or another, will appear on my 2009 list. To summarize, there are two categories that will be repeated, specifically Financial Planning and Health, a new one will include relationships and a possible fourth category will be to make time and be productive with my hobbies.

...only 362 days left, better get started.