Friday, May 22, 2009

Windows Have Arrived

It's still raining, but the highlight of the day was hearing the delivery truck pull up along the house. You know you're an adult when you get excited about window(s) and a french door delivery. Since it was pouring, DH moved the cars out of the way so that the driver could back up into the driveway up to the garage.

So here they are, another item that has been on the House List, new windows and door by Jeld Wen with the Tempered High Impact Performance Glass. The old girl has crank style windows that on a still day if you stand outside you can feel the cool air leaking from inside the house or have a conversation with DH through the windows without having to open them. We chose the impact glass since we don't have Hurricane Shutters (another item that's on list, especially during a hurricane warning and we are boarding up the windows). Hopefully we will try to get one up per weekend and they don't sit in the garage for years.

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Lin said...

I'm with you--you know you are old when new windows excite you. I'd be excited, I know that!! I hope you get them in soon and you can enjoy all that money that you just spent!!!