Thursday, February 28, 2008

Etsy Me!

So I took the plunge and joined Etsy. I never had any luck on Ebay so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I went and opened a new website address - and then redirected my old address and the new address to my etsy page. I have until July to think about what to do with Loner Designs...still watching for those signs...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Website and Signs

As I was preparing for my Annual Sale and updating the Sales pages on my website in January, my host moved my site to a new platform. The next morning when I went to update Loner Designs I received an error message regarding my FrontPage extensions, (yes I know that MicroSoft killed it off). Sigh. I received a few emails about a week later and yes, my site went down. As I am not a patient person, I thought that 22 days was impressive for me and so last night I sent my host an email to pull the plug on Loner Designs. I took it as a sign that perhaps the pressures that I have placed on myself had taken their toll. I have decided to take that pressure off myself and take it easy for while instead of sitting in my studio. Last week, I joined (which I have watched since their inception), but I have decided that's another topic for another post. It's the end of February and I am sitting out on my patio drinking a Margarita, (compliments of DH) catching some rays in sunny South Florida. It's about 86 degrees right now with an occasional breeze. For my sister Lizzy up North...I feel your pain.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So Little Inspiration

The start of the new year has been difficult as I am still searching for my signature style which has eluded me for the past year. So what it is...
  • Wire and how gemstones look wrapped in wire
  • Playing with fire to melt glass rods so that they can be formed into a shape
  • Hammering metal and the impressions that are left behind
  • Polymer Clays and the permanent hardiness after a firing in the kiln
  • Pouring molten metal into a cast and holding your breath as you begin to break away the material to pull out the new form

So many things, so little inspiration...sigh...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Lonely Saturday

I had the house to myself this past Saturday and spent the afternoon lampworking or painting glass as I like to call it. Pulled my babies out of the kiln this morning and wasn't that thrill with the results. As usual, I enjoy mismatched designs and shapes, but this may be a bit too mismatched.

Not sure what I am going to do with these babies (try to sell them on Etsy or use them in a design). Of course there is the old stand-by, add them to my growing pile of lampwork beads.