Friday, June 26, 2009

Fat Quarter Sets

On Monday I order two Fat Quarter Sets from Sew Love Fabrics on Etsy and the package arrived today, (just in time for more weekend sewing!). Ruth Jaklela also included 5 charm fabric samples, thanks Ruth (even if you are a Penguins Fan). Go Panthers!

I ordered the Lantern Bloom by Laura Gunn Set
and a set of Amy Butler fabric:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

1000 Markets

Well, I took the plunge and opened a Shop on the 1000 Markets site.

Before your site goes live, you must complete several steps, including setting up your policies, posting 5-7 products, opening a payment account with Amazon and your shop must be reviewed before getting final approval. It took me a few days, but my shop was finally approved and went live this evening.

Come check it out: HMMills

1000 Markets is similar to Etsy and according to their webpage is:

We are a community of marketplaces...
Our markets are more than just collections of products;
they are full of people and stories. They have voices and
Our merchants are small, independent, artisan businesses
built by people who love their craft. They make and sell
unique products, based on their own vision, personality and
story. Working together, these artisans create marketplace
communities - gathering places where merchants can
exchange ideas, and customers can browse and talk.
Our markets are large and small, broad and narrow. Some
have themes, like food, crafts, or art. Others cultivate a
sense of place around a region. And some exist simply
because the people in them share friendship or common
values. Each market fosters its own one-of-a-kind
community, always unique and interesting.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HMMills Labels

Although, (with the help of my fabulous new sewing machine), I have been making my own label, I have never been satisfied with their overall look.

So after searching through several blogs and online shops and even considering printing my own labels, I purchased printed labels from Custom Couture Label Co through her Etsy Shop.

And today they arrived...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Adventures

Sewing Projects this weekend including working on the Kelo Pink Bag, which I ended up putting on hold to rethink the bag's overall construction and some pattern modifications...I did have a change to complete Bag #7 & Bag #8...

The Fat Quarter Handbag with Purple and Orange from a tutorial provided by Jennifer Ladd on the Sew Mama Sew Site


the Fredrika Slouch Bag with fabric I had purchased from Ikea a few months ago.

Spent Saturday afternoon with DH at the movies. We saw The Hangover which I've been waiting for days to see, I laughed from start to finish. Click on the link for the movie trailer...

And finally...although the temperature on Sunday reached up to the upper 90s, I managed to make a few Lampwork Beads, (using some of the glass DH had purchased for me about two Christmas' ago) before calling it quits and jumping into the pool...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I dream of...

...a Yardline Ridgefield 8'x12' Storage Shed (w/ floor kit)... that I can move my lampwork torch, kiln and glass and soldering torch, tools and materials off the patio...


  • Everything is pre-cut…nothing to saw!
  • Features pre-assembled, pre-hung 64” wide double doors with continuous hinges
  • Wrap-around loft provides 48 Sq. Ft. of overhead storage space
  • Includes combination shelf/workbench
  • Transom windows let in the light while maintaining security and preserving wall valuable wall space
  • Factory primed wood siding is treated to resist decay and termites
  • Includes sturdy floor with treated 2” x 4” framing and 5/8” thick decking
  • Includes heavy-duty swivel hasp and all assembly hardware
  • Strong wood framing stands up to the elements and withstands the test of time
  • Paint and shingle to match your home or suit your taste (paint & shingles not included)
  • 768 cubic feet storage
  • Floor size 8’W x 12’D
  • Side wall height 7’ (nominal)
  • Peak height 9’ (nominal)
  • Package dimensions:
  • Shed 96”L x 48”W x 17.5”H
  • Total weight approx 1250 lbs
  • 15-year limited warranty

Furnished by homeowner:

  • Approx 2 gallons of exterior latex paint for siding
  • Approx 1 quart of exterior latex paint for trim
  • Approx 1 quart of exterior latex paint for doors
  • 5 bundles of roofing shingles and appropriate nails/fasteners

Tools Needed but NOT Included:

  • Hammer
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • Stepladder
  • Cordless Drill
  • Painting Tools
A view from the inside...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Poor Puppy

Now that the non stop rains have stopped and we are back to our summer rain schedule (sunny all day, thunder and rain in time for rush hour) here in Sunny South Florida, the puppy and I are trying to get back into shape by swimming.

I got home around 4:00pm on Friday, so Puppy and I hit the pool for some laps. When DH arrived home, he too decided it was time for a quick swim, so we ended up staying in the pool till well past 7:30pm. My diving diva went non-stop for over three hours and on Saturday morning awoke with swimmer's tail.

This is a picture of her tail this morning, swollen and no tail wagging and she can barely sit straight... :(

My poor puppy...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stimulating the Economy

I really do have issues...

The lining for Bag #6 is really bugging me. It's stupid, I know, there are more important things to worry about, but I can't help myself. So I found myself in Jo-Ann again after work. (It also doesn't help that the store I typically office out of is only about 300 feet away.) With my 40% coupon in hand as well as this week's flyer, I marched into Jo-Ann with a mission:
1. Grab the two Butterick Patterns (on sale for $1.99/ea) that I had viewed online this morning and 2: Find some lining for Bag #6 and get out of there!

The Dream vs. Reality:
  • I walked in, grabbed next week's flyer, (noted to self that all interfacing is 50% off starting Sunday 6/14)
  • Stopped by the Interfacing section and noted to self that I need craft and fusible fleece interfacing, (started plotting my return on Sunday)
  • Went to the Pattern Drawers, pulled out the scrap of paper with the two pattern numbers, pulled two patterns, but noticed a cute dress pattern. Stop myself, but then find myself at the catalog table, flipping through Butterick book. Find another pattern, pick it up as well.
  • Wander over to the 50% off remnant section, pull out three bolts of fabric, one, a dark Burgundy/wine color reminds me of the fabric I have at home that I am still trying to find matching fringe. Note to self, fringe is on sale this week.
  • Wander through the home decor and fringe aisle trying to find matching fringe, no luck so I put the one bolt of fabric back with the other abandoned fabric.
  • Start to think about searching for lining, but stop at the printable fabric section, recall one blogger's post about printing her own labels and stare at the package in my hand that cost $40+, think about my 40% coupon, put the package back on the rack.
  • Begin searching for lining; find a large bolt of the Kleo Pink Cotton Print, carry that around until I find lining, thinking about buying more Kleo Pink Cotton Pint, but stop myself. (Such restraint!) Find some lining called Ribbon Dance Pink Dot and head over to the cutting table.
  • Once done, I grabbed my fabric and headed to check-out, but as I get closer to the register I look back at the rest of the store, but force myself to walk forward
I should have left Jo-Ann with a bag of items that totaled less than $10.00, should have but no, instead...$36.80.

So what do I have in my little bag...

Some fabric called Barefoot II Sungold. It's nice and thick, almost canvas like, but what I will use it for, I have no idea. There wasn't much left after the woman measured out my request, so I got the last 14 inches at 75% off.

A yard of this fabric called VFF Novelty Taffeta. It looks almost burgundy in this photo, but it's actually more gold. It's also the same print of that burgundy/wine fabric that I have been searching for a matching fringe. It's so rich that I think it will make a great evening bag, perhaps as a Clutch.

Three Butterick patterns, instead of two...Note to self, really, did I need another three patterns for a handbag?

One yard of the Ribbon Dance Pink Dot for Bag #6. Now that I am looking at the bag and lining together...I still don't know, it's fun but perhaps too busy.

To have such issues...I know....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bag #6

Now that my sister's bag is complete, I figured it was time to start another bag. I sat in the kitchen for a little while yesterday morning staring at several patterns and was undecided for a least an hour. I gave up and asked DH to pick out a bag. He chose Bag A from the Butterick 4474 pattern (photo - bottom middle). While it took him 20 seconds to pick out the bag, it took me another 2 hours to decide on fabric....damn that growing fabric stash. Does anyone else have this problem?

Finally decided to use the Kleo Pink Cotton Print from JoAnn's. I originally brought the fabric online as my local JoAnn's was out and I made the mistake of trying to buy a coordinating fabric at the same time. Online, the fabric I chose appeared to be a light yellow print, but when it arrived it turned out to be beige. As I was cutting out the pattern I wasn't thrill with the beige fabric but I was too lazy to head out to the store to buy something else so I settled. Now that I have finished the pocket and I'm ready to attach the two layers, I really don't like this beige fabric.

What's a girl to do...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wild Life in South Florida

I was sitting in my kitchen doing some work when I heard the birds outside screeching as if there was a riot going on...

Looking out the window I saw the several birds dive bombing something along the telephone wires. When I stepped outside to take a look, walking along the wires were two very green lizards or iguanas (???, guess I should have goggled).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Trip to NYC

I finished the Lizzy Bag just in time for my trip up to NYC. My youngest sister graduated from College and I went home for the celebration. I must be thick in the head because I meant to take a picture of the bag, especially as I was wrapping the bag up in tissue paper and a ribbon, but yet, I still forgot. My sister loved it, or at least I think she did, she used it both Saturday and Sunday. If I can get a photo from her, I will post it here.

Friday was spent walking up and down 6th & 7th Avenue, visiting fabric stores. I did promise myself that I would not buy anymore fabric until I made some headway into my current stash. I was however on a mission to find some trip for some fabric (burgundy/wine with gold stitching) I purchased months ago to make a tiny simple bag and some piping to match the blue fabric (picture above) and the green flip flop fabric I used for my Flip Flop Beach Bag and some black foldover braid for another project.

After visiting countless shops and having to control myself, I made two small purchases at Daytona Trimmings (251 W 39th Street) and M&J Trimming (1008 6th Avenue).

Since I did not bring any fabric with me to match (once again...genius) I had to eyeball it...

Since I am still happy with my little finds, I have not pulled out the fabric to see if they are a match...I don't want to bring my down my shopping high...