Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Entrecard System

So I woke up this morning thinking about last night's FL Panther game vs. Detroit Red Wings. UUUHHHHHH. The Panthers played a good game, but in the end they lost, 2-3 Red Wings, a disappointment, yes, but at least it wasn't a shut out. My mood was lifted (ever so slightly) when I checked my email and saw the "Notification of Payment Received" under the subject line list. I sold something that was listed on my Etsy site.

Before I continue, I must digress...a few weeks ago while I was performing my card dropping on fellow blogger sites, I came across one site where the blogger had decided to terminate his entrecard account as he felt that it was not worth the extra work. Now I have to admit, I don't recall if he was marketing anything, but I do remember one comment he made was that visitors only stayed on his site long enough to drop their card. I do admit that there are days when I do a drop and run, but there are days that I drop and linger, scanning the site to determine if the contents are interesting enough for me to stay longer. Since joining, I have become a fan of several writing, history, shopping, political and sport blogs, which I guess if you have a blog is the whole have followers of your blog??? Aside from a few repeat visitors, I think the only follower of my blog is my husband. Hi sweetie...

Going back to my original train of thought, well, once I logged into my etsy account to view what item had been purchased, I was surprised to see that one buyer had purchased everything within the destash section (six items). What was even more surprising was that the buyer left me a convo titled "Found You"

I found you through your blog, through your entrecard advert at It's Five o'clock Somewhere's blog. I always think it's nice to know that the networking actually does work...
Thank you, Derondao. You can visit her site DerondaDesigns via this link:

So this post is just a little food for thought...blogging and networking can lead to sales. I'm off, I have to start adding more beads to my Destash Section.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time to Destash - Beads for Sale!

So apparently I have a bead habit.

I see beads and even though I have no project in mind, I must have them. Is that a sickness, perhaps, or the makings of a small bead shop? Either way, its time for me to Destach. I have created a section within my Etsy Shop to sell off some of my overwelming stach of beads, which you can find here:

As of this moment, I currently have Carnelian and pretty African Rhyolite beads posted, but more are soon to follow.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fabric - Another Distraction

Well it's a beautiful morning here in South Florida, it's about 69 degrees, I think it's suppose to warm up to around 80 today. I have a couple of things that I want to do today, or maybe over the course of the weekend:

  • Mail out my NHL Jersey to Triple Threat Sports who are personalizing my jerseys
  • Write a letter to my brother and mail out his Christmas Gift from last year, yes, last year.
  • Refill my O2 tanks as I've been itching to start lampworking again
  • Go to Expo and purchase cabinet handles (we only redid the kitchen three years ago)
  • Exercise
  • Mulch the back yard area
  • Finish the Rosary Necklace, take pics and post on Esty
  • Bead Stash - Take pics and post on Esty

However, a couple of weeks ago I pulled out my sewing machine. When my husband saw it, he commented that he had never seen it before....we've been in our house for over 10 years now, so I guess it's been a while. I had brought some "cleavage covers" for some of my shirts (working in HR, I like to been seen as a modest girl) every time I wear them, I am reminded of how I always think to myself about making some modifications. So, as I said I pulled my sewing machine out and have been playing around with "designing" a better cleavage cover. This prompted me to walked into a JoAnn Fabrics because I needed new Fabric shears and I now I may never be the same. Years ago when I was sewing, I could spend hours looking and buying yards of fabric. To this day I still have some scraps and a few yards of fabric that I purchased without purpose. Well, I started looking at the pattern books and brought some funky fabric for the shoulder bag pattern I picked I want to add that to the list as well. I have almost convinced myself that I would work on my To Do List first, but then I read my California Apparel Newsletter and they have an article on Textile Trends by Alison A. Nieder:

Sunrise, Sunset
Shades of red and orange warm up printed knits and solid velvets and provide a jolt of color for digital prints and foils.

Leaves of Grass
Velvets, burnouts and prints are romantic and chic in autumnal shades of green and brown.

I Want Candy
Candy-colored brights are sweet and whimsical for floral prints and geometric patterns, as well as plaids, stripes and textural solids.

Haute Dot
Textile makers are seeing a future in dots with traditional polka-dot patterns, circle prints and curvilinear geometrics.

New Blues
The new blue is turquoise, which provides a sophisticated punch when paired with black or a tropical twist when mixed with oranges, browns and greens.

Black & White & Bright
Black and white looks crisp, clean and modern. But with a dash of bright, the classic combo gets a fresh, youthful makeover.

Here's the temporary link to view these fabrics up close...oh so fabulous,