Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vision Board - Part 2

I was rummaging around my tool bench the other day looking for the tools to make a pair of brass earrings I had just sold on Etsy. As my studio is so small, I have a small table inside my closet area where I keep my hammers, buffing tools etc and to work on the messy part of jewelry creations.  To hide this ugly area (as I have no closet doors), earlier this year DH hung some pretty fabric IKEA screen panels that slide back and forth.  However because my studio is so small and I have almost no wall space and last year when I created a Vision Board, I had to hang it over my ugly tool bench.  It's not as if I haven't looked at it, but I guess I violated some of the Vision Board rules by hiding it from my view when the panels were hung.

So anyway, I was looking at it and thinking I have not added anything to the white spaces I had left open, still in a career that sucks my life force from me, no weight loss and killer body, no shed, no puppies and haven't made a splash with my handbags or jewelry, bedroom not even started...but I had  to smile.  A photo from my wedding with my DH...still living happily ever after and there in the middle was a photo from a magazine  of friends gathered around a table.  After my "best friend" stopped being my friend last year and several of our "couples" friends divorced, there were no more dinner parties or nights out with a group of friends.  At the time when I had  created my board, I really missed having a group of friends...

So, as I stared at my vision board,  I kept smiling as I thought about the past week, because the Core 7 (as we have been named), have gone out to dinner, have watched away games together and had another one of our little dinner parities. (Yes I know, there's only six, but someone had to take the picture.) I think of all the things I have on my vision board, at least I have so far accomplished the two most important ones...

As for the rest, I guess 2010 looks like a busy year.

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