Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Vision Board

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my Oprah experience, my introduction to "The Secret" and the Vision Board. Soon after writing that post, I started cutting out pictures and phases from different magazines and items I had found on the Internet. After looking at the clippings for a period time, I decided that regardless of the "holes" I was going to move forward and starting putting together my collage...So here it is (sorry for the bad photo)...

The top left is about and the hope to be "Seen" in National Magazines as well as two jewelry designers that I admire...sigh. I also threw in a picture of Oprah holding a copy of the murder mystery I hope to finish one day. I made a fake cover with my name and she is holding "the faux book." For whatever reason, it makes me laugh. The right top of my board includes phases and two pics that caught my eye...I think it's about finding my muse and truly hating my day career. The bottom right is just one picture and a phrase - a very sexy women with a body to die for...The middle section I have to admit, I feel guilt because it is so materialistic in appearence. It's furniture for my bedroom that eventually will be remodeled (barring any Hurricanes this year), a walkway for the backyard landscaping I am still working on, golf (to play more often or just play better - I don't know yet), living happily ever after with DH. More phases about financial success (worried about the retirement years), a picture of friends hanging out together, the label from one of my favorite wines and then lots of pictures of yellow lab puppies.

So I have been looking at those "holes" and I haven't been able to fill them, perhaps they were not meant to be filled...I am trying not to think too much about it, but the more I look at the board, the more I feel that it's on target. That said, the true test: Will my vision board motivate me to start working in the direction my vision board is pointing?

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