Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stimulating the Economy

I really do have issues...

The lining for Bag #6 is really bugging me. It's stupid, I know, there are more important things to worry about, but I can't help myself. So I found myself in Jo-Ann again after work. (It also doesn't help that the store I typically office out of is only about 300 feet away.) With my 40% coupon in hand as well as this week's flyer, I marched into Jo-Ann with a mission:
1. Grab the two Butterick Patterns (on sale for $1.99/ea) that I had viewed online this morning and 2: Find some lining for Bag #6 and get out of there!

The Dream vs. Reality:
  • I walked in, grabbed next week's flyer, (noted to self that all interfacing is 50% off starting Sunday 6/14)
  • Stopped by the Interfacing section and noted to self that I need craft and fusible fleece interfacing, (started plotting my return on Sunday)
  • Went to the Pattern Drawers, pulled out the scrap of paper with the two pattern numbers, pulled two patterns, but noticed a cute dress pattern. Stop myself, but then find myself at the catalog table, flipping through Butterick book. Find another pattern, pick it up as well.
  • Wander over to the 50% off remnant section, pull out three bolts of fabric, one, a dark Burgundy/wine color reminds me of the fabric I have at home that I am still trying to find matching fringe. Note to self, fringe is on sale this week.
  • Wander through the home decor and fringe aisle trying to find matching fringe, no luck so I put the one bolt of fabric back with the other abandoned fabric.
  • Start to think about searching for lining, but stop at the printable fabric section, recall one blogger's post about printing her own labels and stare at the package in my hand that cost $40+, think about my 40% coupon, put the package back on the rack.
  • Begin searching for lining; find a large bolt of the Kleo Pink Cotton Print, carry that around until I find lining, thinking about buying more Kleo Pink Cotton Pint, but stop myself. (Such restraint!) Find some lining called Ribbon Dance Pink Dot and head over to the cutting table.
  • Once done, I grabbed my fabric and headed to check-out, but as I get closer to the register I look back at the rest of the store, but force myself to walk forward
I should have left Jo-Ann with a bag of items that totaled less than $10.00, should have but no, instead...$36.80.

So what do I have in my little bag...

Some fabric called Barefoot II Sungold. It's nice and thick, almost canvas like, but what I will use it for, I have no idea. There wasn't much left after the woman measured out my request, so I got the last 14 inches at 75% off.

A yard of this fabric called VFF Novelty Taffeta. It looks almost burgundy in this photo, but it's actually more gold. It's also the same print of that burgundy/wine fabric that I have been searching for a matching fringe. It's so rich that I think it will make a great evening bag, perhaps as a Clutch.

Three Butterick patterns, instead of two...Note to self, really, did I need another three patterns for a handbag?

One yard of the Ribbon Dance Pink Dot for Bag #6. Now that I am looking at the bag and lining together...I still don't know, it's fun but perhaps too busy.

To have such issues...I know....

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