Monday, June 1, 2009

Trip to NYC

I finished the Lizzy Bag just in time for my trip up to NYC. My youngest sister graduated from College and I went home for the celebration. I must be thick in the head because I meant to take a picture of the bag, especially as I was wrapping the bag up in tissue paper and a ribbon, but yet, I still forgot. My sister loved it, or at least I think she did, she used it both Saturday and Sunday. If I can get a photo from her, I will post it here.

Friday was spent walking up and down 6th & 7th Avenue, visiting fabric stores. I did promise myself that I would not buy anymore fabric until I made some headway into my current stash. I was however on a mission to find some trip for some fabric (burgundy/wine with gold stitching) I purchased months ago to make a tiny simple bag and some piping to match the blue fabric (picture above) and the green flip flop fabric I used for my Flip Flop Beach Bag and some black foldover braid for another project.

After visiting countless shops and having to control myself, I made two small purchases at Daytona Trimmings (251 W 39th Street) and M&J Trimming (1008 6th Avenue).

Since I did not bring any fabric with me to match (once again...genius) I had to eyeball it...

Since I am still happy with my little finds, I have not pulled out the fabric to see if they are a match...I don't want to bring my down my shopping high...

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