Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is DH's and my 6th Year Wedding Anniversary. (Photo is of DH and I circa 2000 when our pool and patio were under construction.)
DH and I were first introduced to each other at work around the end of 1991. I was married to the A** at the time so as DH tells it, "I was hands-off." We were friends on and off during the years, watching the other date others (after I got rid of the A** that is). I know DH took alot of ribbing from friends because everyone knew he adored me, yet I kept trying to play match maker with DH and my younger sister. (Oh yes, he is younger than me.) Too many stories of twist and turns to write about here, but lets just say that back in 1995 after too many beers, we were singing, "I'm Free" by the Soup Dragons...don't be afraid of your freedom...with a group of friends down in Key West. We were both celebrating our most recent break ups with our on again, off again ex. After that weekend we started hanging out together again and then one year turned into another. I remember when we finally married in 2003, as they announced us as and Husband & Wife , our families and friends started applauding and were all saying "it's about time." I still can't believe it's been 6 years and when I say, I can't believe it's been 6 Years," it is for various reason such as:
  • Wow 6 years - time flies when you're having fun

  • Wow 6 years - DH has survived 6 years of my form of torment

  • Wow 6 years - Can't believe it because I was contemplating burying DH in the backyard during the first year

  • Wow 6 years - Because I think he was contemplating burying me in the backyard after the second year

  • Wow 6 years - and we still enjoy each other's company

  • Wow 6 years - and I still look forward to date night

  • Wow 6 years - because I remember meeting that 22 year old, nearly 17 years ago (I am rolling my eyes with a smirk on my face)
So any hoo, yesterday during the last hockey game of the season, I was sitting upstairs in our seats waiting for DH to appear when suddenly there he was with a bag from Panther Land. Now I walked passed the store when I arrived and it was a zoo because of the 25% off everything sale. I thought about entering but since I was alone, I feared for my life and thought I would go afterwards with DH has my security detail. And let's face it - because I really wanted to add the Away Game Jersey to my collection. (see previous HockeyQueen post ).

Well, the bag is transparent, so I could see he brought me the Away Game Jersey...hehehe...

DH told me that originally he wasn't sure if it was a good anniversary present to give, but after surveying all the wives downstairs he was informed "what girl in love with hockey wouldn't love another jersey!!!"
  • Reason to dangerously venture into the Panther Land Fan Store on last game of the season - 25% off of everything

  • 1 Panthers Away Game Jersey - $129.00

  • Number of Jerseys now in the Collection - 5

  • Seeing the smile on HockeyQueen's Face - Priceless

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