Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Cursed Pair of Brass Disk Earrings

I don't know what it is about these Brass Disk Earrings, but I have sold them twice and even received a request for a duplicate pair, but yet they still sit in my studio.

The first time I sold them, back in January the buyer failed to complete the payment transaction. After a few days I cancelled the sale and Etsy refunded the listing and selling fees. Last week, they sold again and the buyer promptly completed the payment process, however due to a mix up on my end, (I updated my email address with PayPal and forgot to update the address with Esty). , Because of this mix up, the payment was tied to my old email address which I could not claim, nor would PayPal move the funds even though it was my account. One word:


So I sent an email to the buyer explaining my mistake and she was very kind and willing to continue with the transaction. We decided to cancel the sale with Etsy so she could reclaim the funds and I would send her a PayPal invoice and once the payment was received, I would mail out the earrings. But now a few days later, no response. The funny thing was that once the earrings sold the second time, another potential customer sent me a convo asking if I could duplicate the sold pair. Although I responded yes, she has not responded back.

So I am going to post these babies again in my Etsy shop and see what unfolds...

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