Saturday, April 11, 2009

Going, Going, Done

And now a word from one of my distractions - South Florida Panthers

Sigh....Although Thursday's final score was 3-2 with a win against the Atlanta Thrashers, my poor Panthers were eliminated from the Post Season race Thursday evening due to a 1 point shortage in the standings.

1 point.

Tonight's win against the Washington Capitals 7-4 was a great game however watching them leave the ice as winners of tonight's game and knowing that they will not return next week to participate in the Playoffs made it bittersweet. My DH and I met new friends which I will need to try to continue to cultivate over the course of the next 6 months until the season begins again.
My Rangers #7 made the Playoffs, they are playing the Washington Capitals #2, so at least that will keep my mind off my poor Florida Panthers for at least a little while...Sigh....

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