Friday, January 16, 2009

Hockey Queen - Spending $$$ on Unnecessary Things

Originally, I was going to title this post "Yea! My Customized Jerseys Have Finally Arrived" but as I started writing it dawned on me that perhaps with current state of the economy this was not the best use of my money. I purchased these last year and mailed them out in early November to be customized, my babies had been "lost and then found" during the past few weeks. However, to make myself feel better, I reminded myself that two of the three jerseys were purchased at a discount, one off of eBay for $15.00 then other was purchased at 50% off for trading in an "old" Panthers jersey (which I had previously purchased on Ebay for about $10.00). Still, I guess you can question the necessity to have them customize...but I did receive a discount since they had been lost and then found. :)

Perhaps it's the Hubris again, oh well...what's a Hockey Queen to do, I can't help but loving them.

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