Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1 Year Anniversary - Etsy

I was updating my Etsy account today and noticed that yesterday was my one year anniversary of joining Etsy. Last year around this time I pulled the plug on my website, Loner Designs and opted for less expensive method to be online.

So how have I done? Not as well as I had hoped, 23 sales (minus one for non-payment) for a grand total of 22 sales. However, it is 22 more sales than I would have had since my sister and I have stopped attending shows, which drove the sales I did have on my old website. The funny thing about it all was that it had been such a painful debate on shutting down the site that a whole year should pass without notice. The nice thing is that the sales I have gain through Etsy are more profitable since I am not paying show fees, higher commissions, or website fees and have been introduced to a new customer base (even though I really do need to work on growing that base). Oh well I guess it's time to start following the advice I wrote about in previous post:

Etsy Tips

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