Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Success on Etsy

I've been doing some research on how to be successful on Etsy and of course there is a lot of conflicting information out there. I thought as I sorted through it all I would highlight some of the sites for your review as well.

There is one common theme that I found as browsed through the various sites and information and I think it's important to note that Etsy is just one avenue toward your Success.

That said, let's begin...
I want to start with a link that I found on Etsy Wiki. This is a great article by Ms. Dynomite, (, "Ms. Dynomite's Formula for Selling on Etsy" and here is the link:

What I liked best about this article is that she has a no nonsense introduction:

"Yes, selling on Etsy can be difficult...It takes a lot of time and energy to have frequent sales on Etsy. Success on Etsy does not just happen. It requires an investment of time and learning new skills."

In summary, Ms. Dynomite's outlines 7 fundamentals for selling on Etsy which include:

  1. Have a well fleshed out store
    part 1: fill out all fields
    part 2: Consider posting store policies.
    part 3: Be thorough and personal in your descriptions.
  2. List frequently (not all at once)
  3. Post in the right category
  4. Use your tags (you have up to 13)
  6. Have a unique and quality product

As she breaks down the 7 tips, she also includes several links throughout the article to support her tips. You should also check out her Recommended Reading:

Why Haven't I Sold Anything - which will provide you with additional information regarding Selling tips, advertising, promotion, newbie tips and links from the Etsy forums...

Free Places to Advertise -

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CyndiLou said...

Now---this is the information that I have been looking for!!! Thanks for compiling all this stuff.