Sunday, February 22, 2009

Look Thinner in Photos

Aside from watching my former friends lives continue without me via Facebook, this site also torments me by the photos that others have posted of me. Never a fan of having my photo taken, I have decided that knowing I have gained weight and having to see it online are two different things. I was reading through my email and one of the posts from the SheFinds Blog had a title that caught my eye, Look Thinner In Photos Without Relying On Spanx Or The South Beach Diet. Apparently, in order to appear thinner, you have to strike a strange pose which includes standing sideways and moving one foot to the front pointing directly at the camera. The writer went on to say that it is an old trick has been used by celebrities for ages in order to appear slimmer in photos.

I have to admit that this article amused me and don't be surprised if photos of me in Facebook start appearing with me striking a bizarre pose with one foot in front, weight shifted back, twisted torso, shoulders back and chest up, my arms slightly away from my body and head up to minimize the appearance of the double chin.

Strike a Pose!

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