Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fabric Shopping at Ikea

Yesterday I convince DH to shop with me at Ikea. I have been musing about handbags lately and wanted to check out Ikea's fabric section for some fall/winter colors. Their fabric selection is great for window treatments or furniture so I thought it would be perfect for a few bag patterns I have been itching to try.

Walked away with three designs.


Anonymous said...

i have also lots of ikea fabrics at home...
preparing to sew but i'm in doubt.. to wash fabrics before the sewing (machine-wash or by hand)? what is your experience?

thank you

Bling It said...

Just go to the Ikea site and look under the textile link. Ikea has specific washing and care directions for their fabrics. I am spoiled, as my washer has a handwash cycle which is what I use when pre-washing fabrics.