Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year - Time to Get Organzied

With all this talk of a new year, new decade, fresh start, etc., it was bound to happen.  I had to do something about my Studio.

I couldn't find anything, really wasn't able to work in my studio anymore and I have had an itch for a change.  I should add that the rest of my house is actually very organized and clean, but for whatever reason, I have never been that organized when it comes to my studio.  I have blogged about this in the past and I thought it couldn't get worse, but was I ever wrong!  When I had friends over a few weeks ago, I apologized for the state of my studio and one responsed that it was a working studio. While it temporarily made me feel better, my studio was at the point of ridiculous.  So while it's still not done, (I still need to paint and once I get a shed in the backyard, some of the items behind the screens, including the black file cabinet will be moved out of the room), it's at least a start....

So now I air my dirty laundry (and yes, these photos are embarrassing):


View from the doorway

Look at all the boxes stashed underneath the table

 Views of the window side of the table

Look at how I store my roll of fusible fleece, by standing it upright on the garbage can.

Closer view of the corner
Oh look, another box of fabric..

A closer view of the closet side of the table, (what's that, another box of fabric?)

And now After:

View from the Doorway

On the shelves I added some boxes to hold thread and other notions

Added another shelf over the doorway

View of the table.  Moved my sewing machine to the other side of the table and still have my jewelry tools and boards on the other side in case the whim to make jewelry overtakes me.

View of the window side of the table, added an old wardrobe that been sitting in a box in the garage.  Here I store my rolls of interface and handbags that I have already made.

View toward the closet (just don't look behind the screens)

 My desk area, still need to organize my idea board and finish going through all the magazines I have stacked under my desk.

And now the only thing I have under my table, is a little rug for my puppy...


starzstylista said...

I love a BRAVE BRAVE woman.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on organizing your studio! I can't wait until I have my own to do the same. I'm itching to organize and I don't even have much to organize yet! <3 Here's to a productive new year!!

starzstylista said...

Can you come to my house now?