Saturday, May 9, 2009

What is Up with my Studio?

Is it just me? Please tell me that your studio is in the same state as mine.

About a 1 1/2 years ago, I kept rearranging my studio, trying to maximize space and storage. I ending up going to IKEA and purchasing a large sturdy dining room table, which once you add the leaf can sit 10. I also purchased a great corner desk unit for my computer and TV from Office Depot. For a few weeks (probably two) I was able to maintain it and then without warning it always ends up looking like this...

When DH and I first put the table together, we thought it was too large and even contemplated taking the leaf out, but I thought I would have more room to set up little work stations for my clay, wire-wrapping, hammering and filing and sewing. (My two torches (not shown) for lamp working and soldering are outside on the patio, because DH says, "No fire in the house!" Therefore this means that my mess continues outside as well.)

I have two chairs with wheels so that I could move from station to the next along each side of the table. The one chair could move along the side of the table and then could be rolled over to my corner desk. The other chair would stay on the other side to work along that side as well as turn to face the tiny workbench that in placed inside the closet. Oh I thought I was so clever. But now look at my work table up close.

My sewing is starting to take over. I think you can see some beads and design trays underneath the pattern instructions. And why do I have so many bags from JoAnn's Fabrics?

On the other side of the table, my puppy has taken over. I threw down an old rug because I was worried that her bones would ache from laying on the cold floor. So much for rolling my desk chair down to that corner. Look I even use the top of my garbage can for space.

My desk is so cluttered with stuff that I have no space to write on!

As I was prepping the photos for this post and feeling a bit dismayed, I saw my little yellow magnetic in the photo that long ago I had place above the rubble to make me laugh...


Ruth said...

Hey, at least you HAVE a separate studio! My crochet storage is jumbled up with my other stuff in my bedroom. One of these days I may post pics on my blog, but for now it's just too embarrassing!

able mabel said...

I love that sign!!

able mabel said...

I love that sign!!