Monday, September 21, 2009

Today's Experiment

I sold a pair of Brass Earrings this past Saturday via Etsy. It's my first sale on the site since May, a very long time. Granted I just dusted off the shop's cobwebs in August and recently started out on my Marketing Quest, but somehow one sale is a bit of a let down. However it's a sale and perhaps the dawn of a new day.

A lesson I learned while at the SummerFest in Sayville this summer was that in person, my items sell. The other lesson that I have always know but has come to the forefront again (damn those declined submissions) is that my photography skills have to improve. Since I decided I was going to relist the earrings, I figured it was time for another photo shoot.

First, let me show you the other two photos I am presently using on Etsy...

In this photo, I was attempting to show off the earrings by hanging the item, however the earrings which are brass and therefore have a yellowish tint, appear copper in this photo.

In this photo, I was trying to get away from the white background since playing with the levels feature in Photoshop made the earrings look harsh with the lighting. I think the rocks were to either prop up the earrings or add a different background. I don't know, but now it appears to busy. I know that I have never been thrilled with this backdrop, but now under a different eye, this is really a terrible photo.

Today's experiment consisted of using one of the backgrounds that came with my light box. I actually have a few color layouts that came with the box that I think I will try out, but today I started with the gray. While I am not thrilled with this photo, I am surprised by how closely the color in this photo resembles the earrings. I do need to play around with the camera's white balance because the photos came out a bit too dark and I may have washed out appearance by playing around with the bright/contrast. The overall appearance is also a bit flat, I would love to find a large river rock or a piece of slate to use in the background. I think that would be a nice contrast...

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Juli said...

great pics...your experimentation paid off!