Monday, September 21, 2009

Today's Experiment - Part 2

Yesterday, I experimented with a new background in my attempt to improve my photos and was wishing I had a piece of slate or something else in my background. Today I remembered that I have been using a rock to keep the guest bedroom door open for the last 11 years. It came from Lake Ontario in Oswego, NY. I went to school up there a million years ago...

So this was yesterday's experiment, with the gray background. I liked the way the brass is a light yellow, which is a close match to the actual earrings, but I was bored with the background.

And this is today's experiment using the same gray background but using the lake rock as a prop. I can't decide if the gray from the rock makes the photo too dark, but the color of the brass is definitely darker or maybe richer?

Well, while I decide on what I will do next, I decided to make this photo the primary photo for my Brass Earrings in my shop.

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Beth (Margie and Edna's Basement) said...

Well, they're beautiful earring no matter what the background. ;) However, I think using the stone behind them gives the whole picture a little something extra that the other picture doesn't have. Maybe it's the pattern on the stone, or the color?