Thursday, April 9, 2009

Traveling Girl

It's a been crazy at work and some of the activity has warranted my attention. Aside from handling some issues, I have also been conducting management training which has required some traveling. Last week I drove over to the West Coast (of Florida that is) twice and this week I flew out to Puerto Rico for a few days to conduct management training as well. Even though I sat in the window seat for the going and returning flights, for some reason I did not appreciate the view until the flight home today. We were about an hour out of landing in Fort Lauderdale when I snapped this picture via my cell phone, so I am assuming this is part of the Bahamas. (I know, I turned my phone on during the flight.) Since it is a camera phone the picture is not the best quality and I think there is dirt on the window, but you get the idea of the breathtaking view.

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