Saturday, April 18, 2009

Three more reasons why I love DH

For the past few months DH has not be able to get me to go food shopping with him at Costco. Lately I have been avoiding Costco, mainly because I think shopping there just takes too long, there are too many people and too many cools things that I will foolishly spend $$$ and oh, I usually go with an empty stomach and end up buying way too much food for the two of us.

So after we do our routine of him asking me to go and me telling him no, I don't want to go...

  • Off goes DH by himself for the fourth time (I am told) alone to Costco. (A few calls home and 2 1/2 hours later) DH returns with...

  • Mexican Beer (love the Mexican Beer).

  • A roll of pretty ribbon because he saw me making Organza flowers out of ribbon earlier this week and thought I would like it
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