Saturday, July 19, 2008

Avatar Question - Product Photo or Shop Logo?

Following my previous thread about success on Etsy - there was an interesting post this morning on the Etsy Business Topics Forum regarding Avatars.

Flourishjewelry posted a question about whether shop's avatar should be a product photo or was it more professional to use the shop's logo. The reason for her question, "I wonder if I would get more looks that way since I know people "shop" from avatars. What do you think?"

I always thought that it was more professional to just use a logo but the comment that people shop from avatars opened my eyes and probably confused me a little as well...

She went on to say, "I was reading a thread about whether people look at, therefore shop at, a store based on whether they like the avatar. Most people said that the avatar was what made them want to stop and shop..."

emmebaby added the comment, "I've heard about the "avatar shopping" many times before, but I totally disagree with that. Most avatars that show items from a persons shop I will NOT click on. I don't know exactly why, but it usually looks less professional to me. I like your logo and I'd stick with it. ☺"

Another POV was provided by CassandraRussell, "I am drawn to product avatars because they depict what you are selling. There is so much jewelery on etsy that you must make your distinct though. When I first glanced at your avatar I was not sure what it was. I am an avid etsy jewelry collector and am naturally attracted to avatars with those pics. I have done several jewellery's avatars now --you can see them on my blog: to see the improvements. Remember an avatar is also how people on etsy will identify you --it is like a logo."

So this morning I went back into my Etsy Profile and changed by Avatar from just my name to my shop name with a background. Which would you shop?

Plain - just my Shop name?

This was the first attempt, I tried to center, but then recropped the pic for an off centered look....

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