Friday, July 11, 2008

Ahead of the Trend

Not really, but I just wanted to say it, at least once. Over the years, I have noticed that I will create something, sometimes it's a great design and the design sells, other times I thought it was a great design but it doesn't sell well. Then, out of no where I will see it reappear as either a trend a few months later or in a magazine. Now by all means I am not saying that this has occurred often, but enough times now that I am starting to wonder about, such as how am I marketing myself and my designs.

So I received my August issue of InStyle magazine (yes that too is on Vision Board) and was flipping through the pages to the "Your Look - Instant Style" that's the section where the editors put an entire outfit (including accessories) together. One of the accessories were a cute pair of Hoop earrings by Lisa Stewart (which I will add right now, is an extremely talented artist and this post is not about this designer, therefore Lisa if you ever stumble upon this Blog, please do not take this as an insult) that are accented with tiny pearls and finished with simple earwires.

When I saw the earrings I had to shake my head because I was having that deja vu feeling again. Two years ago this design had sold well at several shows in New York and last year after my sister sent back the remains of unsold designs, I found two leftovers and added them to my Sales Section on my Etsy site:

I had also made matching necklaces for each of these designs, but those completely sold out.

Then last year, I was feeling lazy and didn't want to make my own soldered rings so I purchased hoops but accented them with tiny Swarovski crystals.

I sold several pairs and kept the blues ones which today I still think of as one of my favorites.

Now, are the pair in the magzine much cooler...probably yes but I can't help asking myself, "So was I ahead of a trend?" ...Probably not, but again, I just wanted to say it once.

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Marie said...

Yours are cool too :-)
It happens all the time, I suppose the ideal is to be just ahead the trend, but not too much so you do benefit from it ;o)