Thursday, July 24, 2008

Smokey Quartz and Hammered Silver Necklace

Trying to follow some of the tips I have listed on previous posts:

...I have added a listing the other day to my Esty Shop:

Last week there was a post in the Etsy Forums regarding the Treasury, someone wanted to know why it always seems that the same artists appear in Treasuries that are then post on the home front page. A successful artist responded that it was a combination of a great product, but most importantly she has great photos which is why folk pick her items for a treasury. (Wish I had Bookmarked that post.)

So, as I am looking at this pic, I am still debating the white background verse a texture or printed background. I think this pic looks washed-out and is just, oh how to say it....boring, unimaginative and doesn't shout out, "Buy Me!" I added this item on 7/20/2008 and in four days I have had four views.

Oh how the Picture Taking Gods mock me!

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