Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Recent Post in the Etsy Forum

I was reading through Etsy's Business Forum and I found this post by another jewelry artist:

AzhuresJewels says:
According to various forum posts and info I have gathered in books I am doing everything wrong if I want to sell my jewelry.

  • I don't pay attention to the pantone color forecast
  • I don't think of what clothes are in style and make jewelry that will look good
  • I don't follow trends in stylesI don't offer suggestions on what style clothing a particular piece would look good with or which body type it flatters
I tend to make what I feel like making and what I find beautiful. If i like the colors I will use them. I feel that if I follow the those recommendations I will be compromising myself as an artist and simply selling out to please the general public. Now don't get me wrong I want to sell my jewelry, I can't buy supplies unless I sell...I just find it frustrating that according to the professionals and those who have succeeded in become top sellers I should compromise myself. Does anyone else find that this is the case?

The post, at last view was up to 84 post and at one point was on verge of hurting a few the artists' feelings, but it looks as if everyone has moved past the misunderstanding. This post has gotten me thinking again about that signature style that I have been searching for...the one that as soon as you see one of my pieces you can say to yourself..."oh yes that a hmmills design...

I added my two sense...In the days of my website and selling at shows, I found that the doing the items you listed in your post were true, but as jwlrywrkroom writes...[If you compromise yourself you will ultimately be unhappy,yes??Besides,I have read here on these boards,over and what makes you happy!I truely don't believe that anyone,successful or not,didn't create just from their 'insides'.I think when we shop,in some ways we are directed,in that the shop or show that we attend,has already been swayed by the market.But we still go and buy what we love.I never know what it is I'm looking for,I just buy what it is that I see beauty in! Sometimes,it sits there,with nothing planned,then one day it springs to life in my mind. We all have our own style,that fits whoever sees the same beauty we did in it.I think your shop is very nice!] I felt I was running my own sweat shop right before a (even though I wish I was one of those sellers w/ tons of sales), I think I am happier not following those rules...

In the end, crazyfunkycool summed it up best:

crazyfunkycool says:
WOW! Great post. I think it is a fine line for all working artists.I continually struggle with finding and defining my style. I've struggled with trying to paint or create "what's selling".I find I am happiest with my work that is authentically me, not an imitation of someone else. And happily this is the stuff that sells best for me. And this is the stuff that has gained me some repeat business and a little following believe it or not.If you FOLLOW trends you will always be "behind".I would rather create the trend or craze... I'd rather be ahead of the curve. I'd rather follow my heart. Lastly I recently came across the following quote: "Always be a 1st rate version of yourself, instead of a 2nd rate version of somebody else" --Judy Garland

...finding my signature...think I need to add that to the vision board...

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