Friday, July 4, 2008

Law of Attraction

A few weeks ago I got home early from work and flipped on the TV and the Oprah Show was on. I was about to switch the channel to TNT (love Charmed) and I was thinking that I couldn't remember the last time I saw Oprah and the next thing I knew I sat there for the remainder of the hour.

On this episode her guest were three life coaches (???) and they were discussing positive thinking, the law of attraction, writing a list and hiding it for later?? and that book "The Secret." What caught my attention was a statement about thinking negatively and you will attract negative...and one of the guest said "The universe is listening..." I was in awe. I think I am going to make a pendant with that verse. The next thing that peaked my curiosity was the Vision Board, which I have to admit at first I was a bit turn off by how materialistic it all sounded...Some of the letters from the TV audience discussed how they had written a wish list for Mr. Right, luxury cars, trips, money, homes, etc on their boards, but I guess when you have a dh that loves you and you have a house (but oh for one on a culdesac) cars (but not that BMW X5) and your lifestyle is comfortable, those things would not be foremost on your mind.
When I started thinking about what I wanted, what had been my hopes and dreams, it all came down to success as a writer, success as a designer and exiting (stage left) from my current career path (which has contributed to the material items listed above), success at my weight control, successful friendships and finally a successful marriage and lots and lots of Labrador puppies.

The instructions are very simple, from the blogger site - "Law of Attraction" - Create a "vision board"... cut out pictures, words, anything from magazines, photos... anything you can find. Glue them all on a poster board and create your dreams visually. Look at it everyday, see yourself in that house, car, clothes, relationship... envision your future. It works!
Below is an example:

I find it funny how as I start to give up on things, my jewelry designing, my website, I even started writing a who-dun-it (and then stopped again), that I stumble upon this episode. So I have put up some paper above my hammering worktable and I have been clipping out some photos and words from magazines. I haven't attached my clippings yet, the reason, I don't want dh to laugh at me, but then I guess if I think that way - it defeats the purpose... The other day I did lay out what I had cut out so far and that it was time, but I feel that I am still missing something.

I guess I should get busy, once I am done with my personal vision board, I'll post it for all to see...
Happy 4th of July...perhaps it's independence day from the negative...

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