Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Working with Muslin

I decided recently that whenever I experiment with a pattern that going forward it was best not to use the expensive Amy Butler fabric.  As I write this I am glancing at the the remains of a bag gone awry and a beautiful Amy Butler fabric that will never to see the sun again.  I have been dying to make a cover for my iPad, so after drawing out the pattern, I decided to use Muslin.  What a concept.  I was watching a Project Runway Marathon and noticed another designer using muslin.  Each time I waste a great piece of fabric I think to myself, “why didn’t you pulled that bolt of muslin from the shelf.  Will I did….and here is the finished product:  

Based on this prototype, I have decided to eliminate the split pocket, as I the pockets were too tight.  Also I am going to do two styles, with and without the pocket.  I guess the one without the pocket would be considered a sleeve.  As for the closure, I may use three types of closures, the fabric loop (shown here), Velcro under the flap and an elastic loop and button.

Keep watch for the real thing....

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