Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Thursday

Where has the week gone?

So much going on, I sold two items, another Brown Canvas Messenger Bag & the Charm Tag Necklace - Even Monkeys Fall from Trees in addition to a custom order charm tag necklace. 

The nice thing about the two charm orders is that they came from my 1000 Markets Shop, which I have to admit, I had sorta forgotten about...

Although, the bedroom has been quite an undertaking and time stealer, I have managed to start work on all three orders.  However, I am approaching the two week mark on their orders, so not what I would call the best customer service.  So that said, after work today, I plan on finishing the necklace and custom order and with luck will ship those out tomorrow.  The Messenger Bag will probably take part of Saturday to complete. My house is a mess as the contents of my closet and bathroom are in the dining room and kitchen. Our unusual cold winter has killed most of my landscaping and the weeds are overgrowing in the flower beds.  So much to do and I am itching to start other sewing projects, make a few bags with some fabric I have been dreaming about...

So what have I been dreaming about...Laura Gunn's newest line, the Poppy Collection...just dreamy.

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