Thursday, February 11, 2010

Progress So Far...

The Bedroom Construction has been moving slowly, but we have made some dramatic progress.

A few more Before Photos:

The best of course was the demolition:


Our friend, Martin came over and installed the wood floors (which had been sitting in the hallway for a couple of weeks).

Over the course of the weekend we installed new plumbing for the shower stall. I have to admit I started getting nervous when DH started soldering and the surrounding wall was burning...  :)   Martin came back the following week and started installing the tile in the bathroom.  I ended up making some last minute changes as he was installing it ( I changed the accent trim and the shelves and soap dish), so thank goodness he was a good sport about it.

 The lights in the bath/sink area and shower: on the list was to install the interior french doors to separate the bedroom from the bath/sink area.

While I was away on business a friend from our Hockey group came over to plaster over all the dry wall as well as smooth down the old walls.

Next on the list for this weekend is some more sanding, priming and painting...

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Jill said...

Awesome! I love home renovation projects, and actually hope to re-do my bathroom this summer! Beautiful tile choice!