Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another busy weekend...

Yesterday I updated my Facebook status with, "Helen is still painting." 

I spent last weekend priming the bedroom and painting the ceiling.  There was a slow down in my progress because the two spots on the ceiling continued to bleed through even though we had applied Kils on them.  In the end, I won and it only took about a can and a half to finally defeat each spot.  Before the weekend was over, the ceiling was painted, the bathroom, the sink area and two of the bedroom walls were done. 

Most of this week was spent painting trim and doing some touch up painting in the bathroom. Although I primed the bathroom beforehand, the color just wouldn't set (for lack of a better word). DH took Friday off to work on attaching the trim along the floor and along the doorways.  I spent yesterday, painting touching up nail holes and painting the doors.  I was hoping to be done last night but DH has to sand down part of the bathroom doorway frame (which of course I have already painted), so I will have to repaint.  I still have to paint around the interior door frame and then do my touch up around the ceiling, but I am almost there.

Next on the list is installing the bathroom cabinet and the toilet then all I need to do is:
  • Pull up the protective paper from the floors
  • Clean up
  • Schedule an appointment for the Shower Door measurements 
  • Install Shower Doors
  • Find a counter top and Sink 
  • Find and buy a mattress
  • Window Treatments
  • Duvet Cover & Linens
  • Lamps
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Purchase new TV
  • Find some accents to make the room feel cozy

Piece of cake...

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