Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Lizzy Bag

I started my 5th Bag last weekend, I am calling it the Lizzy Bag. I was in Ikea a few weeks ago and loaded up on several yards of fabric for my growing stash. When I saw this fabric called Gunilla - Turquoise, it reminded me of Spring. When the Ikea associate ask me what I was going to do with it, I immediately answered without any thought that I was going to make one of my sisters a handbag. My sister, Lizzy who has been working non-stop (some days 7 days a week) to keep up with her increasing taxes, the mortgage and other house related things, has been feeling a bit blue lately. She's been also been complaining that it's been so cold up in NYC, so I thought this fabric in a clutch pattern would be a welcome sign of spring/summer.

Well, I finally purchased the zipper and thread tonight, so after four days I can finally start working it. I am heading up to NYC at the end of next month and plan to bring it with me to give it to her in person. The fabric has tiny orange dots in the design, so I have decided to use a matching solid color orange for the lining. I was also thinking about sewing on some orange seed beads or something onto some of the dots to add some dimension, but I guess I have to think about it. Thinking about it now, Lizzy is a simple girl so the lining is probably too bright, but I couldn't stop myself.

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