Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lonely Shop - Haute Bridal

My other Etsy Shop has been on my mind lately, what's that you say, yes, I have two Etsy Shops:

  • Hmmills - where I sell my everyday jewelry as well as my lamp work beads

  • Haute Bridal - which I created to market my Bridal Jewelry and Accessories for the Bride-to-Be and Attendants

I opened Haute Bridal last June, probably a little late in the wedding season, but only listed a few items. Once the items expired, I never updated my shop with new listings and therefore my lonely shops has stood empty since the end of last summer. One reason I stopped adding items was that my photos were terrible, I found it difficult to clearly capture the brilliance of the pearls and crystals. Last night I found a bag of Hair Pins, so I pulled out the camera to experiment with various backgrounds and camera settings. I tried white, blue, pink, orange and finally black with black river rocks...not bad...not great, but the best picture so far...

As this photo give me some hope, I am adding Photography to my list of items to complete this weekend, with any luck by next week, Haute Bridal will be lonely no more...

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