Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well it's going to be an interesting weekend, DH & I will be watching the news and checking on Hurricane Ike's progress.

Below the current projected track:

We have our hurricane supplies set: batteries, flashlights, gas in the trucks, filled gas containers for the generator, water, food and propane for the baroque grill. On Sunday we'll start moving things off the patio, collecting our insurance papers and if Ike doesn't turn a little more south then we'll be boarding up the windows as well.

Unfortunately, in a Category 4 hurricane not much stays put...when Hurricane Wilma blew past us in 2005, she was only a 1 or a 2 and she uprooted my trees as well as hundreds of others, knocked down power lines (no electricity for 10 days, others went longer without power), tore apart my screen enclosure, damaged the roof and took the fence down. She damaged buildings in downtown and also took the majority of the traffic lights and signs in Broward County which made driving in South Florida all that much more fun...

The weather channel has a cool video of Ike from Space:

Until later...

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Danny Thornton said...

This does not look like a friendly storm.