Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricane Ike - Part 2

I went to bed last night and slept better than Friday night and this morning with a sigh of relief I see that Fort Lauderdale appears to be outside of Ike's projected path. Unfortunately, the Florida Keys and the states along the Gulf of Mexico are within Ike's path.

Yesterday the weather here was gorgeous, the sun was out, no clouds, no eerie dead calm. Today, there is a constant slight breeze, which will continue to grow stronger as Ike passes us to the South. Based on the information from the National Hurricane Center, there is good probability that South Florida will experience Tropical Storm strength winds which is a speed of about 39mph:


Michelle said...

Good luck!

Nicki Leigh said...

It's always unnerving to watch the projected path of a storm. I wish you all the best as I know how that feeling of dread can get.