Friday, August 8, 2008

To Storque or Not To Storque

I've been debating lately about advertising again on one of Etsy's showcases.

There been numerous debates on the forums on and off again about the results from participating on a showcase, such as the increase or lack of sales, increase in hearts by other sellers but not buyers, etc. etc. I had a sale during one showcase and gained several hearts during each showcase that I participated in. I also found that I would get a sale "outta the blue" which made me wonder if someone had bookmarked the page and returned later. (Yes, I do need to start asking my buyers how they found me.)

So, I did some searching online to see if there was any information regarding the success (as in the increase in sales) from advertising on Etsy's Storque Showcase which costs $7.00/day vs. the Main Showcase which costs $15.00/day. I was actually looking for some stats, but of course I could not find any information aside from opinions. I had found one article by the Syracuse Ceramic Guide, "I have never found a significant increase in sales due to having a showcase spot, however, it is exposure for your work and the more people see your work the more sales you will have in the long run." Exposure is a good thing. Since I have not been listing or renewing, or hanging out in the forums, I thought it was time to nab a showcase, but the $15.00 just seems to bit steep, so instead I went with the Storque Showcase.

Look for me on Sunday, August 10 & Sunday, August 17.


Silver Canyons said...

Personally, I think it would be better to relist one or two items a day. That will keep you active and get people to see your store more frequently that just showcasing for a day.
At .20 a pop to relist, it sounds like the better way to go. Think of how many items you can relist. It would be way cheaper than dropping $7-$15 dollars just hoping someone see's you shop. I personally never even look at showcases.
Just my humble opinion :):)

Bling It said...

Silver Canyons I may have to agree with you, minimal views and three hearts is all that I netted on my first day on the Storque. Another Storque is to follow on 8/17/08.