Sunday, August 3, 2008

National Simplify Your Life Week

So as I was drinking my morning coffee while watching CBS New Sunday Morning there was a piece on their ALMANAC that today was the third day of National Simplify Your Life Week...HA! I thought if was funny because last night I was trying to straighten up my studio. In the morning light, I see that I didn't make much of a dent. Although to be fair, I did tried to clean off the pile on my computer desk (the one corner of the room that you don't see). I guess I should also add that it was out of necessity as the stuff stocked piled on top of the growing mound kept sliding and landing on my keyboard.

What you don't see in the photos is that my studio continues onto the patio....Per DH, "No Fire in the House", therefore my torches are outside. I have a two workstation set up, one for soldering and the other for my lampwork, which also holds my Kiln and no lie about 200 rods of glass. At this point I should add that I am eventually going to get my workstations into a shed (and yes that's on my vision board)...ah perhaps it's The Law of Attraction at work.
Okay, so I googled National Simplify Your Life Week and found one site - Online Organizing that was interesting. On their Simplify your Life Week page, ( they have a bunch of Do It Yourself and Useful links that you might find useful. There is a site with before and after pictures...the one of the handyman special would work for perfectly for me...
There is even a link of Simplicity Quotes, Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ~Confucius

Hmm, where to begin...perhaps I should have titled this post, "Ode to a Messy Workbench."

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The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

I am afraid I am right along side you. My sewing room is a bit of a disaster - my husbands refuses to go in except to thread my serger (he is a dear about that!). One friend talked me into letting her see my room, I assured her it was a disaster, when I did let her see it she just stood at the door and gasp!! I now have a sign on the door Private, Please Keep Out.

I go through spurts of major projects and everything flies - then I regroup, reorganize, things look great, every thing in its place - and then the "dust" flies again. I call it "my creative process!" So, I salute you in your creative process!!