Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Website and Signs

As I was preparing for my Annual Sale and updating the Sales pages on my website in January, my host moved my site to a new platform. The next morning when I went to update Loner Designs I received an error message regarding my FrontPage extensions, (yes I know that MicroSoft killed it off). Sigh. I received a few emails about a week later and yes, my site went down. As I am not a patient person, I thought that 22 days was impressive for me and so last night I sent my host an email to pull the plug on Loner Designs. I took it as a sign that perhaps the pressures that I have placed on myself had taken their toll. I have decided to take that pressure off myself and take it easy for while instead of sitting in my studio. Last week, I joined (which I have watched since their inception), but I have decided that's another topic for another post. It's the end of February and I am sitting out on my patio drinking a Margarita, (compliments of DH) catching some rays in sunny South Florida. It's about 86 degrees right now with an occasional breeze. For my sister Lizzy up North...I feel your pain.

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