Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Vat of Salsa

Didn't mean to disappear...
I had good intentions when I started the weekend about making product..but I will blame the Salsa.
Friday night started with a couple of Cold Coronas, 1 pot of boiling water 10 jalapeƱo peppers, tomato, onion and cilantro, garlic and salt. First batch of Salsa included 6 peppers - Oh crap too hot...tried to cool it off with more tomato - didn't work. Hubby went off to the store for more ingredients. We tried another batch - this time 4 peppers, oh crap again, still too hot…so I watered down the heat with more tomato followed by a few more Coronas and chips. In the end we made about a gallon of salsa...
Saturday, I met with my friend Denise. We talk about getting together to help each other with our individual businesses. I think it was a successful meeting; she was still speaking to me as of yesterday. In the coming weeks I'll give you an update on our plans...
Sunday Morning, My landscaping - jungle-ish. So I spent the morning hacking at the plants outside. Had time for a 5 minute swim before the afternoon thunderstorms began and then I heard my torch calling me. So I spent the next few hours making more of my favorite Monet Lampwork Beads.

Sunday Night, I discovered that the Vat of Salsa had finally mellowed and tasted damn good.
So what to do with a Vat of Salsa - invite some friends over for dinner this Saturday Night. Menu - Mexican of course.

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