Monday, August 27, 2012

Stormy Weekend Projects

Well it's still raining. Last night it was reported that the worst was over, but it looks as if there is some flooding and the roads look treacherous. Since it was a weekend wash out, I kept myself busy sewing and doing a few things around the house.

Instead of working on those four totes, I decided I wanted to redesign my messenger bag this weekend.  So after working on a pattern and staring at the rain falling, I had the wild idea to waterproof the exterior fabric as well.  After cutting some gray hemp for the exterior and blue canvas for the inside, I coated the exterior fabric with my wax mixture. 

While the bag is still missing it's handles, (I think I am going to add a black leather strap), I thought I would share my progress so far.

I also played with my new toy, a Food Dehydrator. 

I love potatoes chips and apparently they love me, my abs and hips, therefore I am on a quest to eat better and slim down a bit.  I read that dehydrated zucchini slides are a great substitute for chips, therefore Saturday night I sliced four medium zucchini and coated one side with a salt, garlic, red pepper and onion power mix.

I let the machine run overnight and  fourteen hours later, I had zucchini chips.

One one vat of homemade hummus + one bag of zucchini chips = Yum!

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