Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 20 Project 65 Takes Over

Project 65 Tote is taking over.  

I do have a studio, here is the post to prove it, but as I work through the phases of this project, I am starting to notice Project 65 Tote  is slowly taking over the portions of the house.   From my previous post, you already know that I have set up a Cutting Area and  my wonderful island in the kitchen has not seen the light from underneath the large cutting mat for nearly two weeks.

The small guest room (which also houses my Elliptical machine) has been converted into a receiving area for all the supplies that have slowly been trickling in during the past few days. 

Now the guest bed has been converted into a  holding area for cut out bag components. 

What’s next, hmmm….

I have to admit, I have been eyeballing the dining room table as it may have some possibilities and we never use it.  Why don't we use it, you ask?  I don’t use the dining room because DH and I always eat our meals in the kitchen on that island… ; )

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