Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 11 - 94lbs of Fabric

My original thoughts on how I would write this post this morning was more around the arrival of the 94 lbs of a fabric required for my 65 Tote Project.  And yes, here is what 94 lbs of fabric in your living room looks like, in case you ever want to decorate with three bolts of fabric. 

Michael Miller Magnolia Lane Magnolia Branch Aqua -

 Designed by Laura Gunn

Instead, today’s post is about about Risk and Project Planning. I failed to evaluate my risk and hence failed to plan on how to mitigate that risk.   

This afternoon as I pulled into my driveway with great anticipation (I had been tracking my Fabric shipment via the UPS Tracker online) imagine my disappointment when I noticed that one of the bolts of fabric was not the lovely fabric designed by Laura Gunn, but an unrecognizable white and red striped canvas. So here it is on a Friday evening and according to my Project Plan Schedule, I should complete cutting all fabric this weekend.  Hmmm I did not factor in, receiving the wrong fabric, that customer service does reopen until Monday and as of today, I am officially behind schedule.  Oh the madness.

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