Thursday, March 22, 2012

Next Stop - Münchenstein Switzerland

Another Messenger Bag is about to embark on a trip overseas, this time one of my Midsize Messenger in Purple Hemp and Cotton is off to  Münchenstein  Switzerland. 

So where is  Münchenstein?  

With the help of my favorite site, Wikipedia:  

Münchenstein is a municipality in the district of Arlesheim in the canton of Basel-Landschaft in Switzerland.

One historical note:  the great  Munchenstein rail disaster (Sunday, June 14, 1891). A passenger train fell through a girder bridge constructed by Gustave Eiffel, (yes known for the world-famous Eiffel Tower), killing 73 and injuring 171 people.

Some of the sites:
Holzbrücke über die Birs
Münchenstein Castle is a landmark above the village centre of Münchenstein, in the cantonof Basel-Country in Switzerland. 

I am a bit jealous of my bags.

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