Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lonely Shop

Just a quick post today.

It’s been a busy few months; I have been sewing at a steady pace since the holiday season began last year.  Due to the increase in sales, I have not come up for air since last November, but did want to thank my customers for their wonderful feedback as well as their patience.  Since my orders increased faster than my output, my two week window for production has grown from 2 to nearly 4 weeks, which I believe is too long!
Aside from the backlog of orders, something else that has been weighing heavily on my mind has been my desire to update and redesigned my messenger bag.  In addition, a  friend of mine said, that my shop should be stocked with a variety of items and this is another goal I have been unable to achieve...Therefore this week I made the decision to pull all “made to order items” from the shop until I catch up on pending orders, redesign some of my handbags as well complete those unfinished projects started so long ago.  

While I may only have about 10 items currently for sale they are ready to ship.  So, if you happen by the shop (, and see a lonely shop don’t despair, I will return in a few weeks, with new items.

Take care,

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