Monday, February 6, 2012

Melancholy and Dreaming

On a bit of a rant today, I have been having those It's a Wonderful Life, and the Road not Taken moments for the past few weeks.

First I must say, I am very grateful for this wonderful life DH and I have built, but...

Sometimes as I look back on my life, I remember those forks in the road and the road not taken.  Substantial decisions that would have taken my life on a different course.  My day job, (although some would call it a career),  has made me reflect on those choices lately and now I dream every day of an exit plan. I recite my resignation in my mind, replaying it over and over. My life has become a grind,  working too many hours, coming home late, sewing late into the night and starting the day again three or four hours later.  Zero joy.

I dream of silly things, having the time to sew and create things.  I dream about baking cupcakes and making DH chunky, or making dog biscuits, and making my puppy chunky.  Sitting outside, enjoying the fresh air, a glass of  wonderful wine in my hand and spending more time with DH...silly things.

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