Sunday, May 22, 2011

Custom Orders

When you are the designer, you tend to think that you have the best ideas when it comes to coordinating fabrics. So when a customer sends an email requesting two fabrics that you never considered...Purple Hemp fabric with Joel Dewberry's Chestnut Hill Narrow Strip Yellow...I had a few doubts.
However, I put aside my doubts, because yellow and purple really do go well together.  (Who knew, that color wheel was correct).  As I started construction those little doubts were replaced with wondering why you questioned your customer's idea in the first place.

I did have to make some changes, since the interior was not the typical 10oz canvas that I use...I decided  I had to reinforce the cotton fabric with a strong interface and used a tighter multiple stitching....

...but then when it's all end up with one of those Ah Ha! moments...

So if you would love a Purple Hemp Messenger Bag with a yellow strip interior...each bag has reinforced stitching and can accommodate a large laptop and a book or two.

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